Local Experience in Rural Japan

“I am home”

Oguraya is a renovated 110-year-old wooden house located in Misumi, Shimane prefecture in Japan. It is a rental vacation home where you can immerse yourself in local history.

Clear blue of the Japan Sea. Red-tiled rooftops.
Doma-style kitchen and Engawa, old Japanese style balcony.
Breakfast made from locally sourced ingredients.
Away from city life, gaze at the ocean, read a book, or brew coffee from freshly ground beans.

Embrace the nature, and experience the charm of the local town.
Welcome to your second home.



Misumi Town – surrounded by the sea and mountains.

The landscape harmonized with nature and human life.

This town is known for being one of Japan’s three major handmade paper producers, with Iwami Washi paper, designated as traditional craft. Currently, four artisan families have gathered in Misumi to preserve the tradition.

Sekishu Kawara, Iwami-style red-tiled roofs

Terraced Rice Field in Murotani, one of Japan’s top 100 Terraced Rice Fields

Iwami Kagura, traditional performing art that cherished for many years

Sekishu Kawara, Iwami-style red-tiled roofs

Terraced Rice Field in Murotani, one of Japan’s top 100 Terraced Rice Fields

Iwami Kagura, traditional performing art that cherished for many years



Together with the local community.
Theme of the house renovation was “open-hearted place”.

This traditional wooden house was built 110 years ago. While preserving the traditional architecture, it has been transformed into a new space that combines modern comfort. It is a place where guests can gather, interact, and learn about culture.


Traditional Doma-style floor.

The first floor is designated as an integrated space where daily activities such as dining and bathing. It is conducted by digging into the ground. Relax and enjoy the climate, culture and the unique lifestyle.


Breakfast with locally sourced ingredients.

Prepare the breakfast at your own pace. We provide fresh fish caught in Hamada city, locally grown organic vegetables, and Miso from a local shop. Experience the local life through the authentic cuisines.


Engage with life using your five senses.

14Go fishing in the harbor

24Set off sparklers

08Read a book while gazing at the ocean

20Collect sea-glasses in a bottle



Oguraya was once a place where people lived and was warmly accepted by local community before it turned down to be an abandoned house.
The Saito family, the owners, revived this house with the hope that it would become a place for interaction and a starting point for the community.

hirven woodworks

Masaki Okihara

After gaining 10 years of experience under a traditional lattice craftsman, he became an independent woodworking artist. He collaborated on this project, creating a table for Oguraya as they both embarked on their challenges at the same time. They are planning future projects in collaboration with the accommodation, including woodworking experiences.

Kametani Yogyo Co., Ltd.

Norio Kametani

A long-established producer of Iwami-style roof tiles with history of 200 years. They continue to preserve the traditional method of making red tiles unique to the Iwami region, including Misumi. The tableware at Oguraya is made from the same material as the tiles.


Yuta Fujimoto


Ryo Tsuchida





1029-2 Saigouchi Misumi, Hamada, Shimane 699-3223Google map
Parking: 2 spots (Be cautious as the street is narrow)


1st Floor: Kitchen (with cooking utensils and dishes), bath, toilet, laundry
2nd Floor: 2 Bedrooms (6 Futon sets)


Catering services is available

We provide local ingredients and recipes. The recipe contents cooked rice with fish, local organic vegetables, Miso soup, and pickles. Enjoy the self-cooked meal.


Check-in 3pm
Check-out 11:pm

No staff is on-site. Please call us 090-7805-4479 if you will be delayed from the initial appointment schedule.


Fees (including breakfast)
2 guests: ¥20,000 per person

Children age 5 years old and older pay half price
Children age 0-4 pay ¥2,000 per child if Futon set is needed
10% discount after the 2nd night


Pay in cash, or via QR code


3 days prior: 30%
The day before: 50%
Same day, or no-show: 100%
Cancellation can only be made by e-mail


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